Rotax test day back in 2013

3 weeks ago

Battling my way up from 28th to 4th in the British University Karting Championship.. This was my first time on this track in 6 years! Exciting Stuff :)

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Big fan of this tune

5 months ago
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Sometimes I think I’m a little to relaxed

Sometimes I think I’m a little to relaxed

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House/Flat for next year has been sorted! Buzzing about living in the centre of bristol with the lads!

6 months ago

So happy with my mini!

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Egyptian restaurant lights

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Hotel pool in Hurghada, Egypt. 

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Shaved off my beard. Was meant to do a before and after picture but I accidental deleted the before.. D’oh.
I always look about 12 when I shave. It feels fresh.

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Penarth Pier

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St. Fagans

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Boyys in town

1 year ago

Love this T-Shirt

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My extremely cute girlfriend taking photo’s on a beach in Newquay in wales

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